PW4 2024

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The PW4 is our power wave sail designed for speed, and action in all conditions. Based off the KS3, we redesigned the shape of the sail above the boom and added an additional batten. The result is power and speed not found in any of our other wave sails.

For larger sailors this is a boost that levels the playing field with smaller sailors on less powerful sails like the KS3. The sail has a significantly tighter leech and even when rigged with high downhaul tension, the twist point of the sail is much higher up the leech delivering more power.

The PW4 includes the full-size Wave Vision window all the way to the sleeve for unparalleled visibility. The feel is stiffer and more direct than the KS3 or the QU4D. For jumping, the PW4 is a forward looper’s dream sail with instant whip when sheeted in. If you ever wanted to try a double, this is your sail!

35 years of sail making and service in the toughest wave sailing arena; Maui, has made the construction of the PW4 and all our wave sails second to none.


3.2 319 135 4 2.5 5.5 340 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA
3.7 349 147 4 2.80 6.16 340 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA
4.2 382 157 4 3.00 6.60 370 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA
4.7 390 165 4 3.10 6.82 370 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA
5.2 417 172 4 3.20 6.90 400 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA
5.8 438 180 4 3.40 7.30 400 KAULI, ULTRA / 430 MONSTER, KAULI, ULTRA


  • Jeffrey Henderson design
  • Our most powerful wave sail
  • Four full-length battens with exclusive SuperSkin® reinforcing
  • Two 3mm “mini” battens with exclusive SuperSkin® reinforcing
  • Indestructible ROX Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
  • “S” bend batten de-power and shape stability system
  • New easy roll sleeve top
  • DP® Sailcloth “Flex” triple laminate luff top reinforcing
  • Single position 20mm stainless steel press clew ring
  • Huge new DP® Sailcloth SLAMLAM® window stays clear longer
  • DP® Sailcloth Technora® tack and clew reinforcing
  • Boom height markings printed inside and out the boom opening UHMWPE Spider webbing ripstop
  • Fully accessible mini-battens
  • Foot edge raised bead for maximum deck chafe resistance
  • Removable triple pulley downhaul in 316 Stainless and bronze
  • 900kg strength UHMWPE tack pulley webbing
  • Ribbed EVA mast pad with 5cm wide hook and loop closure
Poids ND

3,7, 4,2, 4,7, 5,2, 5,7


C2, C6


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